who are we and what are we doing?

Good question! Lou and I have been friends since we met whilst studying. We both love food and enjoying the exciting culinary landscape in London, and modestly hope to be a small part of that with our supper club.

Although we’re ‘themed’ as Greek supper club, our intention is to take the foundations of Greek cuisine and show its relevance to modern eating. We see these foundations as pretty universal: good healthy food and great conversation.

With this blog I’m going to dig a little deeper into Greek food, from the history of recipes to the rituals of eating, with some pretty pictures in between. The focus will be on the Thessaloniki region that my family come from, which is also where we’re drawing the recipes for the supper club.

In the meantime, here’s a little more about Lou and I…


  • I live in Hackney
  • My dad is from England, my mum is from Greece
  • I work in the arts but my passion lies in cooking, and reading and writing recipes
  • As a child I spent my summers with my grandparents in a tiny village in the north of Greece called Emmanuel Papas. Here I would turn wild, never allowing anyone to brush my hair other than the baker, collecting bones from the butcher to give to my grandfather’s hunting spaniels, learning xoryatika or ‘village’ Greek
  • I can sometimes put on this accent, which weirds Greek people out as I sound like a hillbilly
  • Greek food reminds me of my grandparents, the giant pear tree in their garden, my great Aunt Sophia and her gold teeth, the bell on the shepherd’s donkey, greeting the village priest each morning, the smell of ouzo, the sound of the village square as I was falling asleep, cigarettes, holy water, thick Greek coffee, frankincense and myrrh, backgammon, doilies, uncomfortable plastic chairs, threading tobacco onto metal spikes to be hung dry, cotton fields…


  • I live in Stoke Newington, and love it...
  • Although I’m doing a Greek supper club, I’m actually part Spanish…
  • I once went on a terrarium workshop. Yeah.
  • I work in advertising, but my passion lies in good food and travel. If I haven’t got a trip abroad lined up I start to get the sweats…
  • My favourite film is Liar, Liar
  • I can name every England footballer from Euro ‘96
  • I once hitchhiked to Morocco (from England)
  • I have a passion for contemporary dance - think rainbow rhythms….
  • I’ve decided to take up the violin this year – I’ve managed to make some legit violin sounds already…
  • As if I don’t have enough on my plate, I also make apothecary gifts which you can buy at my online shop: lovemenotshop.com
  • Greek food reminds me of holidays, jumping off boats into crystal clear waters, eating too much bread and oil, old men sitting on plastic chairs on the street, family...